by Blake Linton Wilfong
The Wondersmith!

3/23/03 -- Imagine: Connectix Virtual PC for Windows
Amazing software that will change the way you use your PC.

4/23/02 -- Lies, Damned Lies, and CRT Monitor Statistics
The truth about "viewable image size".

11/30/01 -- Top 10 Experiences with MusicCity Morpheus
File sharing at its worst--and best.

9/9/01 -- Prime Net Hosting
Top-notch web hosting for $5.95 per month! Well, maybe not.

5/31/01 -- $50 for a Wall Wart? No Way!
Just say no to ludicrous prices for AC Adapters.

1/20/01 -- Are You Alive?
Sick of the rat race? It might be time for a midlife crisis.

12/31/00 -- Easy as Pi
20 years of personal computing--benchmarked with pi!

11/5/00 -- How Far We've Come
20 years of personal computing--benchmarked with chess software!

1/31/00 -- Lousy Compression
It's payback time for the music biz.

12/20/99 -- Fun with SLIGE
Get more from this random level generator for DOOM.

12/16/99 & 1/14/2000 -- Caveat Emptor
My troubles with Barnes and Noble and Buy.com

11/21/99 -- Intel Pentium with MMX
Old technology, but a cost effective upgrade for gamers.

10/17/99 -- Roger Wilco
Talk to your friends while you play--if you can.

9/19/99 -- Cooperative First Person Shooters
ZDOOM is the best!

9/3/99 -- Voodoo3 2000 PCI
Can a new 3D graphics accelerator help an older PC run newer games?

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