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Articles and Essays

A Study of Dreams by Frederik Van Eeden
        This seminal 1913 scientific paper coins the phrase "lucid dream".
Visions of the Night by Ambrose Bierce
        The master horror and science fiction writer lays bare his darkest nightmares.
Dreams, Nightmare, and Somnambulism [PDF] by J. M. Buckley
        A remarkably informed overview of dreams as they were understood in 1888.

Stories and Poetry

Three Lines of Old French by A. Merritt
        Did their love span the boundaries of time and space, or was it a trick of the mind?
Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
        Read the famous dream-inspired poem and the true story of its origin.
Behold, It Was a Dream by Rhoda Broughton
        Careful! Heeding a prophetic nightmare might be worse than ignoring it.
A Bread and Butter Miss by "Saki" (H. H. Munro)
        If you plan to wager on a prophetic dream, make sure you know all the details!
A Dream of Armageddon by H. G. Wells
        Maybe you've dreamt of a past life...but how about a future life?

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