Blake Linton Wilfong
Autobiographical notes

"Most movies, TV shows, books, and women's skirts have one thing in common: they'd be twice as good if they were half as long."

American author Blake Linton Wilfong (1964- ) has loved science fiction--especially its robots and computers--since earliest childhood. Imagine his excitement when home computers became available! He bought one, a Radio Shack TRS-80 with 4K RAM, in 1978, and taught himself programming. The die was cast.

After winning national awards in high school for computer projects, Wilfong attended Rice University and received a degree in Computer Science. He spent the next seven years with MITRE, a government "think tank" at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Since then, he has applied his knowledge of science and computers in writing SF and building Web sites. Thus he has come full circle: first inspired by science fiction, he now creates it.

Believing that life is too fleeting for novels, Wilfong prefers short stories and (better yet) short-short stories. His first published fiction, "The Good Witch", appeared in the Winter 1998 issue (#38) of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine. True to form, it totaled less than 700 words.

Wilfong still resides in Houston, Texas, the city of his birth. He finds it strange to be the only living author on Free Sci-Fi Classics, and stranger to be writing about himself in the third person.

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