Top 10 Experiences with MusicCity Morpheus
by Blake Linton Wilfong -- The Wondersmith!

As I write this, MusicCity Morpheus is the most-downloaded freeware application on the Internet--and, in my humble opinion, unquestionably the best file sharing application we've seen so far. If you're one of the 3 people who haven't tried Morpheus yet, get it NOW at or learn more about it at the MusicCity website. More powerful than Napster ever was, Morpheus works with all kinds of files--not just audio--and has intelligent resuming that can continue a broken transfer from a different source, even under a different filename! With Morpheus, even dialup users can download gigantic files (though doing so takes lots of patience).

Due to the quality issues and ephemeral nature of shared files, Morpheus, like any other file sharing app, can sometimes be frustrating to use. Also, the large size of the files often transferred via Morpheus tends to amplify these frustrations. So, though I very much admire Morpheus, I can't resist poking a little fun at it with this "Top 10 List of Experiences with MusicCity Morpheus". Without further ado, here it is:

10. Seconds before your 700MB movie download finishes, your computer crashes, forcing you to start all over.
9. You need to reboot your computer, use your phone line, etc., so you figure you'll pause your download for just a minute...but when you try to "resume", you are mysteriously unable to reconnect to that great high-bandwidth download source.
8. At the current rate of 0.03 kilobytes per second, the video you're downloading will take longer than your remaining lifespan to complete.
7. You finally locate a user with the file you've been desperately searching for, but he will cancel your download unless you share--and if you do share, your puny dialup connection won't have any bandwidth left over to download anything.
6. The instant you finally finish downloading that great movie, a much better cam or rip--without subtitles--becomes available.
5. The hot new action/adventure video you just finished painstakingly downloading turns out to be a romantic chick flick some bozo renamed and shared as a practical joke.
4. You finally finished downloading that great warez software app, but now you can't work up the nerve to run it because you're too afraid it might contain a virus or trojan horse.
3. That "gotta have" cracked warez game you downloaded is compressed using an arcane, proprietary file format, and the software to decode it will cost you slightly more than the game itself.
2. Your source for that rare DivX movie you're 99% done downloading goes away, and no one else shares it...ever.
1. Despite all of the above, you and countless millions of others are busily using MusicCity Morpheus because it's still the best software on Earth!

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