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In Ancient Times
Hooker Goddesses
Religious prostitution.
The Hetairae of Greece
Musicians, poets, philsophers, and more.
The Pyramid Builder
Her life was the stuff of legend.
Music and Dance
Patrons of American Music
Brothels funded early composers.
Inventors of the Tango
From the brothels of Argentina.
The Visual Arts
The Models of Storyville
They posed for famous photos.
Inspiring Toulouse-Lautrec
Friends of the dwarf artist.
Victorine Meurend
Model. Artist. Hooker.
Bathing Beauties
Degas' prostitutes.
Geishas of the Floating World
The Ukiyo-E artwork of Japan.
Painted Ladies
More prostitutes in art.
The Ruined Maid
Humorous poem by Thomas Hardy.
The False Gems
Short story by Guy de Maupassant.
Entertainers of the Rich and Famous
Part I
Hans Christian Andersen
Vincent Van Gogh
H.G. Wells
John F. Kennedy
Lord Byron
J.P. Morgan
Part II
Franz Liszt
Edward VII
Babe Ruth
Warren G. Harding
Ari Onassis
Oscar Wilde
Part III
Victor Hugo
John Barrymore
George Gershwin
Napoleon I
Ernest Hemingway
Diego Rivera
Part IV
Clark Gable
Julius Caesar
Thomas Wolfe
Isaac Singer
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Charlie Sheen
...and More
Pioneers of the American West
They helped tame the Wild West.
Science and Medicine
Research volunteers and therapists.
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