A Dream of Armageddon
Introduction by Blake Wilfong

The existence of past life dreams and premonitory dreams has never been scientifically substantiated, but there have been countless anecdotal reports of both. In 1901, H. G. Wells gave us a new twist on these concepts with a story about a series of continuing, consistent, and vivid "future life" dreams that apparently reveal events taking place hundreds of years hence!

"A Dream of Armageddon" is typical of Wells' fine writing and foresight. Before either of the World Wars or the invention of the airplane, tank, or nuclear weapon, he recognized that new advances in technology would vastly increase the death and destruction wrought by war. He made real and personal the terrible tragedy and suffering that result when we fail to achieve peace. Written a century ago, this is a story for our time.

Here is one small correction to Wells' story: I have occasionally suddenly remembered "little details" of my dreams. During the day, I sometimes see or hear something that reminds me of a "little detail"--triggering in turn a flood of memories of an entire dream. Never say "never"!

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