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Quake II Maps
Using version 3.20, which supports co-op play.
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Add-on Size Levels Date added Comments
Tab3: Radioactive 0.8M112/8/2000 Keyed door seals shut...but there's an alternate route obviously not intended by the author! Finding it is tremendous puzzle-solving fun. You gotta try it!!!
Space Odysseys 3.6M512/8/2000 Very co-op friendly, excellent opening & closing credits.
The Mutator Labs 0.9M112/8/2000 Good design, tough play. 'Nuff said.
Payback 0.7M112/8/2000 A bit easy, but well-designed.
Raw Sewage 0.7M112/8/2000 Short, somewhat simple, but OK.
Missile Base A32 0.5M112/8/2000 Same author as above, also small and simple.
Final Absolution 0.6M112/8/2000 Again same author; good basic monster-fighting fun this time.
Final Drill 1M212/8/2000 OK, but has a very confusing exit back to the standard Quake 2 maps.
Storage 0.8M112/8/2000 Awfully simple; lack of landmarks makes it easy to get lost.
Old Storage Area 2 0.5M112/8/2000 Great crane, cool portal.
Terran Torture 0.3M111/2/2000 A decent map considering its miniscule download size.
TAB4: Strogg Pump Station 0.8M111/2/2000 Also a bit short, but satisfying.
TAB5: House of Jorg 0.7M111/2/2000 Basic, staightforward monster-fighting fun.
Mercy 0.9M111/2/2000 Clever theme: mercy-kill your fellow Space Marines. Nice layout & puzzles too!
Military Outpost 1.1M111/2/2000 Excellent visuals include nuclear missile launches.
Leftovers 0.6M111/2/2000 Fabulous little level by DOOM wad grandmaster Iikka Keranen. Great ending!
Hadley's Hope 0.6M111/2/2000 Small, but nicely designed spaceship.
Deja Boo 1.1M211/2/2000 Great! Nice layout and architecture.
Dawg Fight and Blood Thirsty 1.1M211/2/2000 Fabulous for co-op, with big battles!
Water Works 1.1M211/2/2000 Technically this fails right at the very end, but it's too good to miss...so consider the game over after you blow up the dam.
Nailbomb 3.5M38/11/2000 Great airstrike, cool bridge, and the feeling of being on a real mission.
Heatseeking Missile 1.9M18/11/2000 Lots of eye candy, including great rocky outdoor area.
Heavy Industry 1.1M18/11/2000 Excellent map with lots of action.
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome 1.5M18/11/2000 Clever puzzles almost caused us to give up prematurely.
Age of Panic 3.4M68/11/2000 Big unit with great FX. Tricky switch hunt is ideal for co-op because 2 heads are better than 1!
Bullet Ballet 0.6M28/11/2000 2 short levels. We played through fine, but long fall on 2nd map could be impassable if you're low on health.
Exterior Infiltration 1.2M28/11/2000 Great for use with the Co-Op Cam. Don't remember why, but that's what my notes say. :-)
Hexorcism 1.6M18/11/2000 OK map uses textures & sounds to achieve a Hexen flavor.
Saturation Point, The Soul Forge, Sub Levels 3.5M38/11/2000 Good old Quake 2 co-op fun. 'Nuff said.
Knee Deep in the Dead 5.4M98/11/2000 The original shareware DOOM episode implemented in Quake 2 (with Quake 2 monsters). Nostalgic fun for DOOM fans.
Saving Private Bitterman 0.7M18/11/2000 Well done! Innovative "prequel" has your team sneaking into the original Quake 2 base just before the attack.
The Strogg Downfall 0.9M18/11/2000 Excellent! Cool bridge, crusher, puzzles, FX, etc.
KSP70 0.9M18/11/2000 Good level. Almost failed when we couldn't find the security pass, but we were able to obtain the data CD without it by using cooperative jumping.
Love Story 2: The Prince of Stroggos 3.6M16/1/2000 Fabulous Persian architecture, great music, you gotta try this!
Blockade 1M16/1/2000 Tons of action, great for co-op play! Packs a lot of punch into "just" 1MB.
Forces of Evil 2 1.4M16/1/2000 Another above-average map, sequel to FOE1 (below).
Touchdown 1.3M16/1/2000 Played OK, but the ending was rather unceremonious and anticlimactic.
Strogg Wars 2056 0.516/1/2000 Small but fun level by Tranquil Lament Software.
My Last Flesh 1.1M16/1/2000 Some monster-dropped non-permanent weapons, but still plenty of fun.
1964 Complete 7.5M86/1/2000 Top notch! Magnificent design includes great water-engulfed level.
Structural Mechanics Division 2.6M15/13/2000 Superb. Vehicles, machinery, & lab complex remind me of Half-Life.
Mel Soaring 5: Ancient Rigby 1.9M25/13/2000 Excellent gameplay, vicious traps, nice new textures, great sky.
Back at the Front 10M95/13/2000 Incredible! A full unit, true commercial quality but free.
Ghost Town 2 1.9M15/13/2000 Spooky old west ghost town w/saloon, hotel, hookers. Great design!
Forces of Evil 1 0.7M15/1/2000 Cool FX, vehicles, specifically supports co-op. Encore!
Retaliatory Strike 3M35/1/2000 Absolutely astounding eye candy, great ending. PLAY IT!!!
Defiance 2M65/1/2000 Uneven, but has some nice FX, including cool spinning crystal & shuttle exit.
Teleportation System Complex 1.4M14/12/2000 Terrific battles, great teleportation traps.
Blood-Red Sunset 0.6M14/12/2000 Excellent, except monsters drop non-permanent weapons.
Cheops' Revenge 1.2M14/12/2000 Fabulous slipgate, cool egyptian textures, great gameplay!
Crater's Edge 1.2M13/21/2000 Yer basic fine level, nice visual detail.
First Strike 1M13/21/2000 Good medium-sized level. 'Nuff said.
Abandon All Hope 0.7M13/21/2000 Brief in both download and playing time. Fun while it lasts.
The Powersphere quest 5.1M53/15/2000 ASTOUNDING! Huge battles, gorgeous water caves, made for co-op.
What the End is for 1.4M13/15/2000 Superb! Eye pleasing & good laser puzzle.
The Widening Gyre 2.2M13/15/2000 Bigger, better sequel to "What the End is for". Play 'em both!
The Azure Mine 1.3M23/10/2000 Quality eye candy, entertaining play.
Death is Not Worth Trying 0.5M13/10/2000 Short, but well done for such a quick download.
Fatal Opportunity 0.4M13/10/2000 Very hard to squeeze thru start lasers after reactivation. Still impressive for its tiny filesize.
Incarceration 1M13/10/2000 Excellent! Good puzzles and an unusual ending.
Small Pile of Gibs 2.1M11/29/2000 Gigantic, detailed, 200+ Stroggs, best single co-op level we've tested yet.
Vostok 0.8M11/29/2000 Small but masterfully crafted. Great rocketship.
Angron Installation 1M21/27/2000 Simpler than its sequel, but still good.
Premonition of Angron 4.4M41/27/2000 Lavish eye candy, great design. Get it now!
Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning n/a151/23/2000 Commercial add-on. 12 hours of flawless frenzied fun. Well done!
Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning n/a171/12/2000 Commercial add-on. About 10 hours of wild co-op-friendly play. Excellent!
Built-in levels n/a391/5/2000 Superb, though use of multiple small levels to simulate larger ones is a bit annoying.
The Wellspring of Murk 2.2M11/5/2000 Handsome level. Not sure if I got stuck at the end, but Bryan was able to exit.
REoL TOUGH: Armageddon 0.7M11/5/2000 Pretty simple level design, but plays OK in co-op.
REoL TOUGH: The Unforgiven 0.6M11/5/2000 Problem: monster-dropped weapons are not permanent. Still pretty simple.
REoL TOUGH: Prison 0.7M11/5/2000 Same weapons problem, but improved level design. Plenty of fun.
REoL TOUGH: Insanity 1.3M11/5/2000 Same weapons problem, but even better design. Recommended.
Add-onSizeLevelsDate addedComments
The Vondarar Exception (VONDAREX)0.3M112/8/2000 Force field sealed off bridge.
Airstrike Central (SNAZSPQ7)0.4M112/8/2000 One-way vehicle across lava.
Borax 20.9M112/8/2000 No way out of "end" switch area if you get in too soon.
Covert Operation1.5M111/2/2000 Boss arenas seal up.
Operation: Reciprocity (KSP71)1M111/2/2000 Sealed out of battle for commander's head.
Retribution0.5M311/2/2000 Laser trap, one-way lift, nukage at start.
Arkanian1.7M311/2/2000 Death traps kill players and permanently block progress.
Heroic Bloodshed (HEROIC)2.1M311/2/2000 Door seals shut.
Belly Of The Beast20M138/11/2000 Door closed permanently, passageway collapsed.
(Full) Contact0.6M18/11/2000 Consistently crashes when we enter a particular outdoor area. Weird!
Slaughtership3.4M28/11/2000 Players respawn out in space, can't get in.
Waiting to Die2M38/11/2000 Door near end closed permanently, blocking progress.
Citizen Able (CITIZEN)1.3M58/11/2000 Got Siamese twinned on train (stuck together due to lack of spawn spots).
Operation Scorched Earth" (SGC9)3.6M??8/11/2000 Absolutely, positively could not find "self destruct" switch. Co-Op bug?
Guardian0.4M18/11/2000 Door to final arena sealed shut.
Infokill0.7M16/1/2000 Two doors near end sealed shut, blocking access to arenas.
Forces of Evil 3 (FOE3)3.2M26/1/2000 Players respawn out in space, door to Makron sealed shut.
Deadline2.4M46/1/2000 Door to palace closed; would be trouble even in SP.
Diary of the Destroyer 1 (DOD)3.2M96/1/2000 Doors can seal you out even in SP! Amateurish.
Diary of the Destroyer 2 (DOD2)2.8M56/1/2000 Improved, but spike trap blocks door.
Emerald Mountain Base (TEFDBL4)1.8M25/13/2000 Door sealed us out of final boss arena.
On Sacred Ground (JDSACRED)2.2M35/1/2000 Crushing ceiling blocks passage.
Bargain-Bin Savior (SAVIOR)1.8M55/1/2000 Complex scripting, must be restarted if botched.
Cheops' Tomb1.8M15/1/2000 Bridge fell into lava, hatch sealed up.
Strogg Towers (Q2TOWERS)1.4M13/21/2000 Door sealed shut, wouldn't reopen.
Castles of Stroggos 38M61/23/2000 Total failure. Crashes after 1st level.
Castles of Stroggos 12.3M31/5/2000 Doors wouldn't open/reopen.
Castles of Stroggos 22.5M31/5/2000 One-way elevators.

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