DOOM may be old, but its
F12 "spy" feature and automap
are ideal for co-op play.
Tested under DOOM II, BOOM, or ZDOOM
Add-on Size Levels Date added Comments
Co-Op Quickies 0.3M1112/8/2000 Made for co-op! 11 small but intense maps created by fellow co-op player Dan L'Ecuyer. Recommended.
City of Doom 3.1M1112/8/2000 Spectacular! Great level design, very tough combat & puzzles, city streets & buildings theme. (Last map may have a co-op hostile trap, but didn't cause us trouble.) A must-have!
The Mission 0.3M611/15/2000 Follereau Dominique's classic map set, updated for co-op play by the Co-Op Certification Laboratory. Good stuff!
The Darkening,
Episode 2
4.6M1211/2/2000 The current version 1.1 corrects co-op problems we reported to the authors. Bravo! Excellent levels; don't miss this.
Perdition's Gate N/A3211/2/2000 Commercial megawad by WizardWorks (not to be confused with the freeware 6-level wad reviewed below). One spot in one of the early maps suggested a potential co-op hitch, but it didn't happen to cause us any difficulty.
Hello! 1.2M148/11/2000 Made for co-op! Some levels are a bit simple, but all are good tough fun.
Atlantis 0.1M18/11/2000 Good solid action and puzzle-solving.
Lynx 0.1M15/13/2000 Silly map layout concept, but tough and fun anyway.
Sudden Death 0.8M15/13/2000 Another grand, violent King REoL wad. Small gripe: keyed doors should stay open.
All Hell Is Breaking Loose 2.5M54/12/2000 Amusing Partial Conversion crashed ZDOOM a lot, but no co-op problems.
DOOM 2200 Episode 1 1.6M61/23/2000 VERY tough levels, superb co-op play.
Earth 1.3M101/9/2000 Magnificent! Admire it with your friends.
Bitchin' 97 0.9M101/9/2000 Made for co-op! Hellacious combat.
Dimensions Of Time 1M321/9/2000 A simple but entertaining megawad.
Realm Of Shades 1.5M71/9/2000 Fantastic! Big, interesting levels, huge battles.
Perdition's Gate 0.7M61/5/2000 Good mix of action and puzzles.
KZDOOM1 0.3M11/5/2000 Great level by Kurt Kesler. Showcases ZDoom features.
Lovinger Outpost 0.9M81/5/2000 Perfect co-op levels. Get it.
Enigma 1.3M91/5/2000 Spectacular levels by Jim Flynn.
SLIGE 0.1Mzillions1/5/2000 Random wad generator produces surprisingly good co-op-friendly levels.
Add-onSizeLevelsDate addedComments
10 Sectors Megawadsvaries3212/8/2000 Missing co-op starts & many other problems.
Tun-Run0.3M111/15/2000 Doors sealed shut near start, yellow door didn't work.
TeamTNT's Doom 2000???3211/2/2000 Not even out yet, but we were disappointed to learn from TeamTNT that this won't support co-op play.
Hell to Pay
VariesVaries11/2/2000 Due to the technical problems (e.g., lightning-zapped computer) we encountered throughout testing, we don't have records of the exact problems we encountered with these wads, but they all failed for various reasons.
Hellbolt0.1M18/11/2000 Door sealed shut near start.
"Last Day on Earth" (LASTEP1)1.0M118/11/2000 Once-only door switch, lots of traps seal up.
Helldoom0.4M88/11/2000 Unable to exit map 4.
Biowar1.9M194/12/2000 The usual problems. (Sigh...) Don't bother.
Hell Revealed 2 Part 11.6M172/26/2000 Doors won't re-open, bars seal areas off, etc.
Herian 27.6M322/26/2000 Door that don't reopen, one-time tporter, no "Things", etc.
STRAIN5M321/9/2000 Co-op-hostile traps block keys, etc.
The Talosian Incident1.4M201/9/2000 No co-op starts on map 2.
Enter the Night0.3M41/9/2000 No "Things" in co-op mode, plus problems with traps.
Realms Of Devastated Eternity (RODE)0.9M61/9/2000 Missing co-op starts on 2 maps + other problems.
Master Levels for DOOM II3.3M201/5/2000 Commercial add-on from id. Sealed out of tower, etc.
Batman DOOM5.6M321/5/2000 No "Things" in co-op mode.
Pixel Rex wadsvaries1 each1/5/2000 Includes Simply Evil, Jagged Edges, etc. All lack co-op starts or have no "Things".
Operation: Arctic Wolf5.6M??1/5/2000 Doors wouldn't reopen, one-time teleporter.
KZDOOM20.3M11/5/2000 Walls move for 3-D effect, blocks co-op players.
Older Kesler wadsvaries1 each1/5/2000 KBASE, KMETL, KHILL, KBRICK, KBOOM all lack co-op starts.

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