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Many Playboy Playmates have BMIs below 18, and they may be even healthier than those we have already examined. Experiments with laboratory animals (e.g., mice and monkeys) prove that greatly increased lifespans result from diets extraordinarily low in calories and high in nutrition. Animals fed such diets are also more active and vigorous than those in the sluggish control groups, and show biological signs of slower aging--such as minimal tissue damage from free radicals (dangerous oxidized byproducts of metabolism). These animal studies have prompted life extension experts to promote Calorie Restriction with Adequate Nutrition (CRAN) as a healthy diet. One of these life extension experts, Roy L. Walford, M.D., observed the results of CRAN on humans firsthand during his stay in the ill-fated BioSphere: The resident scientists' health improved markedly as their food rations dwindled due to crop failure. Walford went on to write popular books about CRAN, including "The 120-Year Diet" and "The Anti-Aging Plan: Strategies and Recipes for Extending Your Healthy Years". Though still controversial, the idea that very low BMIs are beneficial under the right circumstances is gaining respect in the scientific community. For example, the American Institute of Nutrition Comittee on Healthy Weight reported in 1994 that "many adults with a BMI less than 18 may be lean, fit and healthy". Playboy Playmates with BMIs below 18 appear to match this description perfectly, and their active lifestyles are consistent with the results seen in the aforementioned animal experiments. These rigorously selected women represent the pinnacle of health and give us an inspiring glimpse of our own potential for maximum longevity. If you want to see absolute perfection in the female form, you need search no further than Playboy pictorials and videos of these models. Here are the ones to look for:

17.9 Rita Lee Nov 77
     Kimberly McArthur Jan 82
     Joan Bennett Jan 85
     Cindy Brooks Apr 85
     Laurie Jo Wood Mar 89
     Monique Noel May 89
     Neriah Davis Mar 94
     Priscilla Taylor Mar 96
     Jami Ferrell Jan 97
     Nikki Schieler Sep 97
17.8 Sondra Theodore Jul 77
     Christina Smith Mar 78
     Marcy Hanson Oct 78
     Patty Duffek May 84
     Deborah Driggs Mar 90
     Christy Thom Feb 91
     Cheryl Bachman Oct 91 (pictured, left)
     Barabra Moore Dec 92
     Melissa Deanne Holliday Jan 95
     Danelle Marie Folta Apr 95
     Heather Kozar Jan 98, Jun 99
     Buffy Tyler Nov 00
     Heather Spytek Jun 01
     Shanna Moakler Dec 01
17.7 Terri Welles Dec 80, Jun 81
     Carina Persson Aug 83
     Justine Greiner Feb 84
     India Allen Dec 87, Jun 88
     Tawnni Cable Jun 89
     Lisa Matthews Apr 90, Jun 91
     Elke Jeinsen May 93
     Victoria Nika Zdrok Oct 94
     Stacy Marie Fuson Feb 99
     Natalia Sokolova Apr 99
     Summer Danielle Altice Aug 00
     Katie Lohmann Apr 01 (pictured, right)
17.6 Morgan Fox Dec 90
     Julie Lynn Cialini Feb 94, Jun 95
     Layla Harvest Roberts Oct 97
     Kristi Cline Sep 99
17.5 Gig Gangel Jan 80
     Kym Malin May 82
     Cathy St. George Aug 82
     Barbara Edwards Sep 83, Jun 84
     Penny Baker Jan 84
     Hope Marie Carlton Jul 85
     Venice Kong Sep 85
     Rebecca Ferratti Jun 86
     Lynne Austin Jul 86
     Luann Lee Jan 87
     Brandi Brandt Oct 87
     Pamela Stein Nov 87
     Fawna MacLaren Jan 89
     Karin van Breeschooten Sep 89
     Kimberly Donley Mar 93
     Nicole Marie Lenz Mar 00
     Brooke Berry May 00
     Erica, Nicole & Jaclyn Dahm Dec 98
     Irina Voronina Jan 01
17.4 Nicole Wood Apr 93
     Maria Checa Aug 94
     Carol & Darlene Bernaola Jan 00
     Neferteri Shepherd Jul 00
17.3 Melinda Mays Feb 83
     Cherie Witter Feb 85
     Sherry Arnett Jan 86
     Christine Richters May 86
     Katherine Hushaw Oct 86
     Terri Lynn Doss Jul 88
     Elisa Bridges Dec 94
     Samantha Torres Dec 95
     Cara Michelle Dec 00
17.2 Kathryn Morrison May 78
     Candy Loving Jan 79
     Sylvie Garant Nov 79
     Candace Collins December 79
     Tricia Lange Jun 84
     Suzi Schott Aug 84
     Devin De Vasquez Jun 85
     Rebekka Lynn Armstrong Sep 86
     Emily Arth Jun 88
     Gianna Amore Aug 89
     Wendy Hamilton Dec 91
     Echo Johnson Jan 93
     Jennifer LeRoy Feb 93
     Jennifer Lavoie Aug 93
     Kerissa Fare Sep 00
17.1 Karen Witter Mar 82
     Charlotte Kemp Dec 82
     Jessica Lee Aug 96
     Angela Little Aug 98
     Kimberley Stanfield Jul 01
17.0 Anne-Marie Fox Feb 82
     Veronica Gamba Nov 83
     Debi Nicolle Johnson Oct 84
     Stephanie Adams Nov 92
     Julianna Young Nov 93
16.9 Marci Jacquet Oct 80
     Teri Weigel Apr 86
     Tonja Christensen Nov 91
     Kelly Gallagher Sep 94
16.8 Sondra Greenberg Jun 87
     Kari Kennell Feb 88
     Shauna Sand May 96
     Kelly Monaco Apr 97
     Alexandria "Lexie" Karlsen Mar 99
16.7 Shannon Long Oct 88
     Alicia Rickter Oct 95
16.6 Ursula Buchfellner Oct 79
     Christina Leardini Apr 91
     Suzi Simpson Jan 92
     Rhonda Adams Jun 95
     Heidi Mark Jul 95
16.5 Nadine Chanz Oct 96
16.4 Vicky McCarty Sep 79
     Jeana Tomasino Nov 80
     Donna Smith Mar 85
     Pamela Anderson Feb 90
16.3 Missy Cleveland Apr 79
     Teri Peterson Jul 80
16.1 Terry Nihen Dec 83
     Laurie Carr Dec 86
     Lauren Michelle Hill Feb 01
16.0 Marianne Gravatte Oct 82, Jun 83
15.3 Karen Elaine Morton Jul 78

(It is impossible to resist noting that Angela Little is one of the most aptly named Playmates at just 5 feet, 2 and a half inches tall and 95 pounds.)

Until recently, the word "waif" was defined as a homeless person, but in today's parlance "waif" usually means an extraordinarily slender individual. Models with this attribute are often used in advertising--even elevated to the lofty rank of "supermodels"--and yet there has been much backlash lately in the press against companies that present waifs as the embodiment of physical perfection. This backlash is nothing but "sour grapes", an unscientific, emotional response by people who find it easier to complain about others than to improve themselves. To achieve maximum longevity, we must all become waifs. Playboy Magazine should be lauded for promoting this wholesome ideal.

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