Many Happy Returns
by Blake Linton Wilfong -- The Wondersmith!

In addition to the Playboy Playmates who were over 30 years old when their gatefolds appeared in the magazine, there are many originally younger ones who returned for new pictorials or starred in movies and television shows years later--proving again that slender women retain their youthful beauty. Taken together, these appearances constitute a long-term "vitality study" (rather than a "mortality study"), and thus are of tremendous scientific importance in the field of life extension through Calorie Restriction with Adequate Nutrition (CRAN). We shall now take a look at some of these cases.

An outstanding example is DeDe Lind. At the time of her gatefold in the August 1967 issue, DeDe was 20 years old with a BMI of 17.9. (This data was reported not in a Playmate Data Sheet, but in the pmstats.txt file mentioned earlier.) She returned at age 32 for a fabulous full-page nude photo in the December 1979 "Playmates Forever!" pictorial. Lind showed up again at age 35, looking great in a bikini, in the March 1983 issue's "The First Playmate Play-Offs". (October 1978 Playmate Marcy Hanson, her beauty undiminished at age 30, participated too.) These appearances were but hints of things to come, for in the March 1996 issue DeDe appeared fully nude at age 48 in a fantastic three page pictorial titled "Playmate Revisited: DeDe Lind". Bravo!

Terri Welles, December 1980 Playmate of the Month and 1981 Playmate of the Year, was age 24 and had a BMI of 17.7 at the time of her first pictorial. Though she and Playboy were unable to reach an agreement for a return pictorial, in recent years she opened a thriving website with new nude photos. She looks better in her mid-forties than most women half her age.

Statuesque Shannon Tweed, Playmate of the Year for 1982, was 24 years old with a BMI of 18.4 when she graced the November 1981 gatefold. At age 34, she and her younger sister Tracy appeared in the new 10-page nude pictorial "Boss Tweeds" in the May 1991 issue. And at age 40, Shannon Tweed staged a triumphant return as the beautiful blonde bombshell on the cover of the January 1998 Playboy, and in another all-new 10-page pictorial inside. Shannon still looked absolutely fantastic, and the January 1998 cover is one of Playboy's sexiest. Remaining stunning at 54, she walked the runway at The Heart Truth celebrity fashion show in 2012, as pictured at left.

Karen Witter was just 20 years old when she became Miss March 1982 with a BMI of 17.1. She remained a very active television and movie actress for years thereafter. I happened to see her myself in an episode of "The X Files" in 1995 at age 33 and in a revealing miniskirt in "Sliders" in 1996 at age 34; she was as delightfully slender as ever, and looking even more beautiful than at age 20.

Cathy St. George had a BMI of 17.5 when she appeared at age 27 in the August 1982 issue of Playboy. She returned at age 30 for six photos with her sister Toni in the "Playmate Sisters" pictorial for the April 1985 issue. Cathy has also appeared in numerous Newstand Specials since then. Of special note, the January/February 1997 issue of "Playboy's Book of Lingerie" (BOL) presented all-new nude pictorials of the 20 most popular current BOL models as voted by readers--and Cathy St. George, age 42, was one of them! She looks terrific.

Marianne Gravatte holds the distinction of being the slenderest Playmate of the Year, with a BMI of just 16.0. She was 22 years old when she became Miss October 1982. She returned to the limelight at the age of 34 for an absolutely frabjous (albeit all too short) 4-page all-new nude pictorial "Playmate Revisited: Marianne Gravatte" in the April 1994 issue. Marianne looks better than ever in these photos; they are absolute proof of the anti-aging power of very low BMIs.

Another Playmate of the Year, Karen Velez, started out as Miss December 1984 with a fine BMI of 18.5 and 23 years behind her. After a marriage to Lee Majors and having a daughter and twin sons, she was none the worse for wear, and proved it by returning to pose for two pages of new nude photos for the "Playmate Revisited: Karen Velez" pictorial in the September 1997 Playboy. At age 36, she looks even more beautiful than in her original pictorial.

Teri Weigel, the April 1986 Playmate of the Month, first appeared in Playboy at age 24 with a superb BMI of 16.9. Teri's slim physique subsequently helped make her a famous adult film star. Among her dozens of films and videos is the 1998 release "Teri Weigel: Centerfold", in which she held the title role at about age 36. In May 1999, at age 37, she fulfilled the fantasies of her fans with a two week stay at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a legal Nevada bordello. One of her customers there reported Teri was "better looking than her pictures and had no body fat ... she was absolutely gorgeous!!" Indeed, Weigel was still looking gorgeous at the age of 45 at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2008 as pictured at right.

Playmate of the Month August 1986 Ava Fabian was 24 years old with a BMI of 17.9 at the time her original gatefold was published. She made steady appearances over the following years in Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs, video and TV productions, and Playboy Newsstand Specials. Like Cathy St. George, Ava was voted a favorite by "Playboy's Book of Lingerie" readers, and her resulting pictorial at age 33 in the January/February 1996 BOL, at a BMI of 18.2, is absolutely glorious. No one could possibly guess her age.

Also glorious is Kimberley Conrad, Playmate of the Month January 1988, Playmate of the Year 1989, and "playmate for a lifetime" through her marriage to Hugh M. Hefner. When her gatefold was published, Kimberley was 24 years old with a BMI of 18.0. At age 32, she returned to the pages of Playboy for the stunning 8-page pictorial "Classic Kimberley" in the September 1995 issue.

Last but certainly not least is one of the most famous Playmates: Pamela Anderson. She was 22 years old with a BMI of 16.4 at the time she became Miss February 1990. Her success on the "Baywatch" television series prompted Playboy to feature her in several pictorials, including "She is...Pamela" in the February 1999 issue. By this point she was 31 years old, but time seems to run backward for Pamela; she becomes more beautiful in each succeeding pictorial. Pamela Anderson's career constitutes a unique continuing visual record of the life-extending power of a low BMI.

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