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Do you like sleek and slender women? Feminists and "fat acceptance" groups want you to think otherwise, but the truth is that your preference is not a perversion or unreasoning discrimination. Modern science has found that thin people are likely to live longer and suffer fewer illnesses than those who are overweight--and there's nothing wrong with wanting a healthy, long-lived mate. Starting a relationship with an obese partner is as unwise as getting involved with an alcoholic or drug addict; you're looking for trouble.

More than 50% of Americans are overweight, according to the most conservative statistics. Worse, many of their doctors aren't bothering to advise them to lose weight. About 300,000 Americans die prematurely each year due to obesity. Support organizations for overweight people are spreading the misinformation that it's impossible to overcome the genetic predisposition for obesity, and that it's possible to be "fit and fat". Nonsense! I've lost 90 pounds myself to reach the ideal weight range, and kept it off for years. Meanwhile, scientific studies have proved that it is more beneficial to weigh less than to exercise regularly--so much for "fit and fat". The concept of the "Big Beautiful Woman" is both ridiculous and dangerous. What we need is a force on the other side, a proponent of healthy lifestyles and of slenderness as a standard of beauty. What we need is...Playboy Magazine!

Yup. As we shall see, by consistently selecting streamlined women for their nude pictorials, Playboy Magazine promotes the right ideals and values, correctly instilling in Americans the notion that thinness should be an absolute prerequisite for desirability. Playboy Magazine should be lauded for daring to place truth above political correctness. The kind of women it presents as sexy are exactly the kind of women we should perceive as sexy. Playboy Playmates aren't just good models, they're good role models.

Playboy Magazine has even gone the extra mile, providing us with actual statistical information about their Playmates of the Month. On the back of every centerfold since the July 1977 issue, there has been a "Playmate Data Sheet" that includes the height, weight, age, etc. of the current Playmate of the Month. With this information, it is possible to compute each Playmate's Body Mass Index (BMI), which is defined as weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. For example, the Playmate Data Sheet for Baywatch star and February 1990 Playmate Pamela Anderson (pictured at right) lists her weight as 105 pounds and her height as 5'7". At 2.2046 kg/pound, 105 pounds equals 47.628 kg. And at 39.37 inches/meter, 5'7" equals 1.702 meters. So her BMI is 47.628 divided by 2.90 (i.e., 1.702 squared), or 16.4. As we shall see, this is arguably a superb BMI.

An easy-to-remember shortcut to get approximately the same result is to multiply weight in pounds by 700, then divide twice by height in inches. Using Pamela Anderson as an example again, 105 pounds times 700 = 73,500. 73,500 divided by 67 inches is 1097, which divided by 67 inches once more is 16.4.

Height, weight, and many other statistics for most Playboy Playmates since July 1977 are readily available on the Internet through such sources as Wikipedia, The Internet Movie Database, the electronic document of Playmate statistics "pmstats.txt" maintained by Jim Dean, Johnny Corvin, and Doug Ewell, and various other websites. We'll be spending the rest of this article focusing and commenting on the small subset of these statistics that pertain to longevity. Don't worry, it'll be fun, and the facts you learn could improve your life--or save it!

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