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Greetings, and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Blake Wilfong, and I've been a resident of Houston, Texas since my birth in 1964. I received a B.A. in Computer Science from Rice University in 1986, and spent the next seven years as a NASA consultant. My interests include science fiction, cooperative computer games, New Age music, lucid dreaming, and pretty ladies.

Indeed, I have been a Playboy Magazine fan for many years. I started collecting them in college, in 1984, and later extended my collection as far back as December 1967 by purchasing older issues from a used bookstore chain called Half Price Books. (Half Price Books no longer sells "adult" magazines, but back issues of Playboy are readily available on the Web nowadays.)

All my aforementioned interests give me plenty of cause to want to go on living, and thus motivate me to practice life extension. But I also have a deeper reason: I love technology! I am delighted by mankind's accomplishments during my lifetime: moon landings, microprocessors, the Internet, the mapping of the human genome, MP3s, First Person Shooters, etc. I want to travel to the future to see what mankind will develop next...and since we haven't invented time machines yet, there's only one way to get there: waiting. Obviously, I'll see more of our civilization's great achievements if I live longer!

Though I have been vaguely aware of life extension through calorie restriction for some years, its importance was driven home to me by the Scientific American Frontiers television episode "Never Say Die" (third episode of the tenth season, year 2000). Alan Alda interviewed Calorie Restriction with Adequate Nutrition (CRAN) experts Roy Walford and Rick Weindruch, who gave convincing evidence of CRAN's benefits. In the most memorable scene, Weindruch showed Alda a group of elderly laboratory mice on a normal diet alongside a similar group of mice on a CRAN diet. The CRAN mice were running and jumping excitedly around in their cages, while the normal mice were sleeping or crawling lethargically as you would expect old mice to do. Weindruch also reported that nutritional supplements (like antioxidants) seemed to have little effect compared to CRAN. I was instantly a CRAN fan.

And it wasn't long before the idea hit me like a thunderbolt: those Playboy Magazines contained height and weight statistics--everything necessary to compute Playmate BMIs! Upon performing the calculations, I saw how well the results match what scientists tell us is the ideal body weight for maximum longevity. Obviously, Playboy Magazine deserves high praise for its longtime practice of publishing height and weight statistics along with each Playmate pictorial. Why? Because together, the pictorials and statistics educate us, teaching us how we and our mates should look, and what body weights we should strive for. Bravo!

My email address is wondersmith@gmail.com. All constructive comments are welcome, though time may not permit individual replies.

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